The phrases Search Engine Optimizations and Digital Marketing are closely related, it is almost impossible to use one without the other. This is because, search engine optimization tops the list of digital marketing strategies.

Research shows that people spend up to 40 hours a week on the internet, it’s not surprising therefore that more businesses are going digital. To effectively reach your customers, you need to go where they are, and the place is online! More companies have a presence on the internet now whether it is a website or a social media page. Digital marketing is all about efforts to increase brand awareness, improve sales as well as grow bigger profits by use of the internet and digital devices. It is more superior than the traditional marketing strategies like billboards or TV ads in that success of marketing campaigns can be gauged almost immediately. Real time data is made available by use of tools like google analytic by which action steps to improve on the marketing campaigns can be derived from.

Social media is a powerful tool

Among the several methods that can be used as digital marketing tools, search engine optimization ranks highest. This is a free tool that when well-used can be a great resource to increase traffic to a website. Websites have to convince the browsers that their content is relevant, deserves top ranks on the results page, the secret here is the use of correct keywords or phrases. Browser engines are like the doorway to the world wide web, better than the old time Yellow Pages. To be seen by these engines and placed top on the results page, relevance is king.

Social media is a powerful tool for digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, it gives a platform for engaging plus interacting with customers. It is a simple, cost-effective channel where businesses can engage with their audiences by posting content regularly while ensuring comments are responded to. This helps managers get information including a better understanding of their industry in the customer’s view. Customers want to feel cared for, social media platforms are the right places to prove that. Satisfied customers are more likely to become your brand ambassadors, they will advertise your services or products for free.

Digital Marketing is King

It is easy to establish demographics on social platforms, this helps businesses narrow down their audiences to small groups that could then be targeted accordingly. Unlike in print media where adverts were randomly shown, digital marketing is intentional, ads are shown to specific people for specific reasons. Before posting, make sure your content is not only relevant but also interesting, funny, engaging and has the correct tone for the audience targeted. Include videos, graphics, memes and images in your posts.

Digital marketing is more important than search engine optimization because it is wider, it is not limited to search engines only as it cuts across all digital platforms. Internet marketing doesn’t end with optimization and social networks, it also entails affiliate marketing, email marketing together with mobile marketing. Good news is that digital marketing need not be an expensive venture, a lot can still be done organically, without spending a dime.